Thanks to Our Contributing Partners, New Community Projects Can Be Funded

PSI Grants


Since 2010, PSI has cooperated with the local village councils, school boards, community groups and medical administrators to fund their requests for special projects. The following links provide more details for a selection of projects occurring now and during the past five years.

2021 Science Materials Received by Dolakha's New School

2021 Science Equipment Dolakha School

2021 Student Scholarships Awarded at Ramjakot School

2021 Ramjakot School Scholarships

2021 Work on Garjarkot Clinic Water Line

2021 Clinic Water Line Survey

Gajarkot Clinic Water Project Survey

2021 Work on Clinic Water Line

2021 Rupakot Womens Groups Celebrate PSI Grants

2020 Women's Group Celebrate

2020 Scholarships for Fasku High School Students

2020 Fasku School Scholarships

2020 New Water Line at Rupakot is In-Service

2020 Users of
New Water Line

2020 New School Clothes for the Garjakot School Kids

2020 Uniforms for Gajarkot Students

2020 Water Line Completion Ceremony

2020 Water Line Celebration

2020 Equipment & Furniture Delivered to Gajarkot Clinic

2020 Equipment for Gajarkot Clinic

2020 Rupakot-Scholarshop Receipants

2020 Rupakot School Scholarships

2020 Women's Organic Agriculture Co-op

2020 Rupakot Women's Ag Group

2020 PSI Scholarships Awarded at Rupakot School

2020 Rupakot School Scholarships

2019 Rupakot Water Line Construction

2019 Work on Rupakot Water Line

2019 New Fasku School Celebration

2019 Fasku School Dedication


2019 Rupakot Water Line Addition


2018 Rupakot Women’s Center

03 Rupakot_School_Expan_2018

2018 Rupakot School Expansion

05 Water Line_2018

2018 Gajarkot Water Line Repair

04 Rupakot School Expansion_2018

2018 Rupakot School Dedication

06 Fasku_School_2017

2017 Fasku School Student Grants & Classroom Supplies

07 Rupakot_School_2017

2017 Rupakot School Computers

09 Earthquake_Relief_Gajarkot_2016

2016 Gajarkot Post-Earthquake Food Relief

08 Gajarkot_School_2017

2017 Gajarkot School Student Grants

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of Ongoing and Future Projects