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Dedicated to improving the lives of Nepali villagers


Partners Solutions International is an all-volunteer organization creating partnerships in community-led projects that improve the area residents’ welfare and living conditions.  We're a small and lean nonprofit organization whose members are committed to applying 100% of all donations to yearly projects such as:

  • improving a village’s access to safe drinking water,
  • helping a clinic expand its capabilities and quality of medical care,
  • facilitating the opportunity for children to attend school and to stay in school longer,
  • equipping teachers with new classrooms, supplies, and teaching materials,
  • providing local guidance and materials for the establishment of organic farming cooperatives.

Today, you can make a major difference

You can make a positive impact for Nepali villagers who have been disadvantaged by ethnic, gender, location and economic discrimination. Every dollar you give directly supports projects which are selected with a local Nepal partner to provide the highest value and impact.


of your contribution is spent in Nepal for our annual village projects.





Village Life

Village Life

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PSI Nepal Projects

PSI Nepal Projects

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